Junk Drawer – Week 6 – October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017 9:28 am

1. Reading In the Rain

They’ve done it. Amazon has finally created a waterproof Kindle. Without worry, you can read while afloat or poolside or on your way walking through campus during a rainstorm, doing so because you forgot to do the reading the night before. The latter seems a little dangerous. How is that any different than everyone else looking down at a phone?

Here is the listing on Amazon. Notice the photo with this item. It may be protected from a splash of water, but I don’t think it will stop itself from being hurdled into the ocean.

2. Pumpkin Photo Stands

We’re going to try this cute and simple idea for displaying seasonal photos from Photojojo.

3. Do I Spotify?

We’re musical hobbyists. I read Techcrunch’s article about Spotify’s new way to feature new artists, called RISE. There is little explanation of how these artist’s are chosen. It remains to be seen what impact Spotify can have cultivating these artists. Perhaps it will give them more insight into how to improve their product for other artists.

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