Junk Drawer – Week 4 – September 27, 2017

September 27, 2017 10:03 am

So You Don’t Have a Standing Desk…

That makes two of us. I suppose even if you have a standing desk, some can switch between both modes, so a tool could tell you when it’s time to stand. Sitting all day is not good for the health. Okay, okay, okay. We’re trying this webapp out that was created by Kevin Eichhorn. He is considering converting it to a browser extension, but we’ll see if that comes to be. One more notification to ignore. That sounds like a good music lyric “Now you’re just one mooooore notification to ignooooore!” Falsetto the first time and get screamy at the end of the song.

Personal Creative Prompt Tools

My partner designed an app as a sort of side project in 2012. As a regular sketcher, with friends who draw also, he created Doodle That! to provide ideas for his daily doodles. It is currently out of date for iOS. Maybe he can be nudged to update that or make it a web app, but he probably doesn’t have time. It is available for Android. We were intrigued to find a similar style of creative mind jogging for designers created by MIT. If you’re looking for new ideas in either of these areas, give these a shot.

Practice the Art of Language

Fellow writers, Field Notes has comes out with a throwback to the old dime novels. If you know Field Notes, these are bigger than the small notebooks they have always had and are smaller than the bigger size…just right? Also, they have more pages with no grids, lines or dots.

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