Junk Drawer – Week 2 – September 13, 2017

September 13, 2017 2:31 pm

1. iPhone X-Queeze Me?

Did you say iPhone X would feature a new 3-D facial camera system that allows it to capture facial expression to animate emojis? And I could finally become a panda when I tell my friends to Hurry Up or possibly become an angry chicken when I’m complaining about bad situations which I intend to do nothing towards remedying?

When I saw this part on The Verge’s ‘Watch Apple’s iPhone X event in 15 minutes’, I had a thought that this may finally be worth the switch to the Other side. If you don’t want to read the article and only want the YouTube video, use this link. If you have even less time, here is Tech Crunch’s 20-second YouTube blurb.

2. I’m With the Lightroom DJ

We are testing out the MIDI 2 Lightroom. There is plenty of photo editing going on around here, and if feeling like a DJ can make the process go faster, we’re in. Dan Marker-Moore made a YouTube video that helped me set it up with his sample profile of shortcuts. Look forward to a review on our blog when we get more mileage with this.

3. Mobile

Mobile usage is huge. No one is shocked. I was reading an article on Creative Blog and was a little unnerved to read that more people own a smartphone than use a toothbrush. The writer, Pamela Pavliscak, did not mention where this tidbit of info came from, but once I meandered past that, the article laid out current mobile behavior and how this might affect mobile design. I question the hamburger button/icon debate, but it’s still useful information pertaining to the experience of mobile users and customers.

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