Welcome to our Junk Drawer

September 6, 2017 11:24 am

In our junk drawer lies all of the things we have that we just can’t throw away. Some of it is only valuable to us for unknown sentimental reasons and some are really useful things that are too small, singular, or odd-shaped to dedicate time to otherwise organize. This is where the “extra” bolt will go. This is where rubber bands and twisty ties party until the yearly (being a bit optimistic here) cleaning. A junk drawer is typically out in the open so anyone can add to it or take things away. There is no librarian making sure it gets tracked and put back in its place, because, let’s be honest, this is a bin of the mundane, the unique and maybe a dab of unsung heroes who help our days function. We didn’t invent junk drawers, neither did you. So just open the drawer and rifle around.   


Dribbble has been a long lost muse that we gave up on somewhere along the way. A big shout out goes to a good friend of Brighter Side Studio, JP Tanner, who sent us an invite and renewed our faith. Check out our first upload here, follow us here and we’ll be jolly friends forever more.

2. Blank – Cotton Bureau

Is your thing stories of dragons and potions? Perhaps, getting together with your most valued humans to throw a line in the water? Or would you rather curl up with that big pile of books (did I say books? I meant Netflix queue) you have? Those all sound pretty good. Our thing is comfy t-shirts and fresh designs. Cotton bureau has always had comfortable shirts, yet they’ve taken a big step towards making sure the fit is RIGHT ON. I was lucky to be chosen to test out the new Blank t-shirt specimens (mine: all cotton, black). They’ve listened and started a campaign on Kickstarter that I recommend. If you know someone who has been looking for a better fitting plain shirt for all sizes, send them here.

3. Project Cost

We’ve been quoting out projects and managing clients for a long time. We’re always looking for the new words on the street about how to explain this side of the business and found this article by Brian Krogsgard on Post Status. There isn’t enough time in the day to take all of the jobs, especially since we love what we do. The market gets what the market wants, so we all have choices to make. Getting to work with any client is a privilege and a way to add value to others.

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